For every success, there’s a DNA


Be Proactive in Risk Management
Eliminate Hazards at the Source

Synergy Formwork provides a safe environment to all employees. By applying effective prevention measures regarding risk management, the company stands out in the field of concrete formwork. The organization holds an OHS GOLD Elite Management certification and has a prevention advisor among its members whose role is to ensure that construction sites are safe and meet all the criteria for prevention. Synergy Formwork rewards the safest construction sites and workers who stand out for respecting the safety rules with various contests. Prices include pizza lunches, hockey game tickets (Rocket de Laval Suites), gift certificates, and many other surprises.


Do An Impeccable Job
Promote Continuous Improvement

It is thanks to its team of qualified professionals that Synergy Formwork can offer the finest quality of work to all its business partners. Being ISO 9001-2015 certified, the company has an in-house quality manager who is responsible for rigorous monitoring of projects and several active prevention rounds. It is also through the use of state-of-the-art software that the organization promotes continuous improvement in the workplace. The Synergy team comprises experienced workers who all have significant training in their respective fields (lawyer member of the Barreau du Québec, MBA engineer, chartered accountant (CPA), Certified Human Resources Advisor (CHRP), etc.). Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, all these professionals allow Synergy Formwork to maintain its title of trusted leader in the concrete formwork industry.



Be Attentive to the Needs
Communicate Effectively

Over the years, Synergy Formwork has built trusting business relationships with numerous business partners and has been granted several renewals. The relationship of trust that unites Synergy Formwork with its partners is based on the desire to offer unparalleled quality of work while respecting the client’s deadlines. Consequently, our organization ensures long-term work for all its employees while increasing its level of efficiency. Our members are always attentive to our clients’ and partners’ needs and make every effort to achieve their goals.


Encourage Mutual Help
Grow Together

The members of Synergy Formwork are highly committed to the success of the company. Our team is a beautiful and big family. All employees work together towards common goals and it is thanks to their know-how that Synergy Formwork is successful. Professionals from all departments grow together and deepen their knowledge of the field through mutual help and teamwork. We firmly believe that an organization that knows how to maximize the potential of its employees has the key that allows us to constantly evolve and optimize its performance.


Achieve Our Goals
Plan, Organize, Direct

The Synergy team demonstrates a great sense of organization. Our working method allows us to plan all the tasks that each department must perform already four weeks in advance. We also carry out active supervision rounds. This way, this strong and independent operational base is used to maximize the effectiveness of all stakeholders. To draw a parallel with the hockey world, we have three periods to make sure that everything is played out well.

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