Code of Ethics
and Corporate Vision

With the goal to inspire confidence and act with the utmost transparency, Synergy Formwork follows a code of ethics and clear compliance policies. Thus, our company wishes to take a stand and convey ethical values in all business relations. It is through the application of strict rules and adapted management measures that Synergy Formwork makes its employees, clients, and partners aware of the implementation of sound practices. Our organization wishes to prevent any form of infraction or misconduct by developing ethical reflexes and skills for all stakeholders. Our approach aims to maintain the integrity of Synergy Formwork and the sense of belonging of its members through concrete measures that comply with all the laws and compliance rules.

Furthermore, Coffrages Synergy places great importance on respecting human rights and strives to act as a responsible company. This principle governs all our activities.

Report on Modern Slavery

In this regard, we invite you to report any breaches or misconduct to the following address:

Coffrages Synergy Formwork

Veuillez nous envoyer un message et nous vous contacterons dans les plus brefs délais. Merci!