Built On Employee Training

Our company understands the importance of investing in quality training for the members of our organization. Synergy Formwork offers a continuous training program that teaches safety, methodology and how to apply the latest technologies of the industry. We also provide sound management practices for all our employees. They have access to these training tools to improve teamwork, efficiency, safety and performance.

Safety Is Always At The Heart Of Our Operations

Synergy Formwork makes its employees’ health and safety its highest priority. Our productivity management specialists provide employees with the training they need to optimize their work procedures without compromising safety. Our training also offers a personalized support service that meet the demands of the various positions held in the company.


The board of directors plays an important role in the governance of Synergy Formwork. It is composed of five members, three of whom are independent and come from a variety of work fields that add value to the company’s governance system. The board of directors oversees the interests of the company. Its members have as a common goal to ensure the sustainable growth of Synergy Formwork. Aware of the impact of its decisions on all the company’s stakeholders, the Board of Directors and its two committees also act as strategic advisor to the company’s executives.

Isabelle Côté
Michel Beaudoin
Jean Wilhelmy
Norman Turnbull
Ian Kirouac

Our Shareholder


When it comes to Synergy Formwork solutions, our shareholders provide an added expertise that is invaluable. These dedicated professionals enable the company to grow and to ensure its viability. Together, they make informed decisions that ultimately benefit the company, its clients and employees.


Our Administrative


Our administrative staff oversees our internal activities, making sure they are running smoothly. These experts in management and administration use all the necessary resources at their disposal to provide clients and employees with the best possible support.

Isabelle Côté
Maxime Champagne
Michel Beaudoin
Roxanne Desrochers

Our Worksite Construction


Synergy Formwork relies on the expertise of a multitude of trusted workers and professionals on the ground. Our team of o–site workers is proud to be at the heart of the action every day. They contribute significantly to the success of our projects, carrying out the work and completing the projects in a professional and timely manner.


Our Prefabrication Plant TEAM

The team at the prefabrication plant works on the design and manufacturing of parts and equipment slated for use on the various construction sites. These seasoned workers spare no expense to ensure that they design and produce superior tools, products and materials that allow the company to work more efficiently on the ground.

equipe usine 401 - Coffrages Synergy

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Director of Pomerleau’s Canadian construction operations and business transformation, Ian was previously executive vice president of strategic initiatives. In this role, he led Pomerleau’s modernization and transformation efforts focusing on innovation and sustainability positioning in the market, as well as their operational excellence program, FOX. Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering from ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure) in Montreal in 2001. In 2019, he completed the Real Estate Management and General Management programs at Harvard Business School.
Involved in numerous non-profit organizations, Ian recently served as co-chair of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada’s 2020 campaign. He is also a member of the board of directors of Centraide Montreal and Factry.

Since her nomination in 2017, Isabelle has successfully led Synergy by growing the number of employees from 400 to 1,500 and growing revenues at 40% CAGR. Isabelle played a crucial role in establishing and promoting Synergy’s corporate culture, succession plan and optimized financial structure. She plays a key role in developing and identifying strategic directions and growth opportunities for Synergy. Prior to taking on the role of CEO, Isabelle held various positions within Synergy since joining in 2006. Isabelle’s previous experience includes business development and marketing at Prostyle Construction. She was co-owner of an excavation company. Isabelle holds a Minor in garden design from the University of Montreal.

With over 25 years of financial management experience in the construction industry, Michel is responsible for the financial health of the company and oversees all accounting, administration and finance departments within the company’s organization. Before joining Synergy in 2013, Michel was notably financial director at Construction Garnier, as well as controller at Semafo and Construction Soter & G.T.S. Michel holds an MBA from the University of Quebec in Montreal and is a member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Quebec.

Martine Corriveau-Gougeon has served on several boards of directors, including the Canadian Commercial Corporation (2005 to 2014), the Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (2004 to 2013), Télébec (from 1995 to 1999), Nordia (1999 to 2000) and Silonex (from 2001 to 2002). Since 2004, she has operated as both a business consultant and corporate director. Her range of experience allows her to work effectively in a variety of organizations, be they SMEs or larger companies. As an external member of the board of directors of Synergy Formwork, her contributions are highly valued.

Jean Wilhelmy joined the Fonds de solidarité FTQ in July 2005 as vice-president of investments for the aerospace, transportation, recreational tourism and environment sectors, responsible for the development and management of these different portfolios. Retired from the Fund in 2020, he initially held the position of Senior Vice-President, Development Capital, responsible for managing a portfolio of approximately six (6) billion dollars and more than 150 portfolio companies. Holder of a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from HEC Montréal, he has more than 40 years of experience. Among other things, he held various positions in corporate development and operations management at Gaz Métropolitain, now Énergir.
For nearly 35 years, he has worked in the venture capital and development sector for various companies such as BDC, Investissement Desjardins, Énergie Capital, Hydro-Québec Capitech and SGF. In his investment roles, he has served on the board of directors of over 30 diverse companies and organizations, both publicly traded and privately held. He currently sits on the board of directors of Moulins de Soulanges since 2016 and acts as chairman of its HR committee and he also sits on the board of directors of La Milanaise since 2014 and acts as chairman of the board since 2022.
In June 2021, he joined the aerospace investment fund Thrust Capital Partners as an investment advisory expert and, more recently, he was appointed external member of the due diligence committee of the Solidarity Fund.

Norman Turnbull has served on the Synergy Board of Directors as an independent member since 2015. Norman is a corporate director and business advisor for several organizations. During his long career in the private sector, he was financial director of several large Quebec companies, including Gaz Métro, Rolland, AXA, Boréal Assurances, Mazarin Mining Corporation and Société financiere Desjardins-Laurentienne. Norman is also currently Chairman of the Independent Review Committee of National Bank Investments. He is considered an expert in the areas of finance, control and governance, as well as strategic planning and business development. A graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors, Norman holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from HEC Montréal and is a member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec (CPA)

Vice President Construction and shareholder, Maxime Champagne joined Synergy Formwork as a project manager. He held this position for nearly six years before obtaining the position of Project Director, to which he devoted himself for two years. Maxime is an engineer and a general contractor (from 1997 to 2010), which enabled him to acquire a great deal of expertise in the field of construction and to bring a different vision to the work entrusted to the Synergy Formwork team. He is the one who plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates the activities surrounding the various files in progress. He is responsible for the team of project managers and the engineering department.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in human resources, Roxanne Desrochers joined Coffrages Synergy in 2014 as Recruitment and Staffing Manager. Her flawless professionalism allowed her to achieve all of her objectives and set up effective HR strategies. Today, Vice President Human Resources, Roxanne has proven to be a major asset for the development of innovative measures to provide a stimulating work environment and opportunities for our employees. Member of the CRHA professional order, Roxanne focuses her practice on the well-being, development and health & safety of employees.