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A sign of trust that is constantly renewed

Synergy stands out in the industry for the quality of its work, which converts our business relationships into mutually beneficial partnerships. Our partners trust our know-how and leadership and we have many testimonials demonstrating our dedication.

It is by working with passionate contractors on large-scale projects that we have built our reputation and it is thanks to these many successes that we have become the 2nd largest employer in the construction industry in Quebec. Our growth is largely a result of the quality and commitment of our employees, but also of the close relationships that we build with our clients.

Our partnerships are important to us and we are committed to fostering strong business relationships. We are touched by the many testimonials received attesting to our desire to build strong and mutually beneficial working relationships.


­Diane Lemieux – CEO

Commission de la Construction du Québec

Gala Elles reconnaissent

Mrs. Côté,

It is with pleasure that I congratulate you on winning the “Elles reconnaissent” award and applaud your contribution to the advancement of women in the construction industry.

Your involvement is an example for the women and men working on construction sites and all of Quebec. I congratulate you for this award and wish to thank you for your contribution in transforming the trades’ image to one that is more inviting to all.

Mario Gaudreault – Prevention Officer

EBC Building

New head office of the  CNESST


A quick note to mention the excellent quality of execution during the assembly of the tower crane at the 1600 D’Estimauville construction site in Quebec City. A flawless job, as much in the delivery sequence of transportation as in the assembly execution and obviously in the field of safety. Congratulations to your entire team! Keep up the good work by putting safety first.


Daniel Bouchard – Project manager


Courtyard Marriot

I would personally like to thank the people at Synergy.

If our architects won this award, it is due in part to the hard work and dedication of the members of the Synergy team. Despite all the technical difficulties we faced, we still managed to deliver this project before the initial deadline and with exceptional quality. I cannot stress this enough; “we may get all the credit at the end of the project, but for my part, I haven’t even hammered in a single nail! We were only able to succeed through great communication and a great collaboration.”

Bravo! We can all be very proud.

Alain Masse – Prevention Officer Health,
Safety and Environnement

Construction Vergo

Léo Site


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work you did on the LEO site. You have demonstrated your ability to control the work of various teams, both for production and safety. The completed milestone involved high-risk tasks (height, risk of falling objects). There were no loss of time due to accidents. Congratulations to your entire team!


Francis Quirion – ING.


Place Viau

On behalf of the entire MAGIL construction team, and myself I would like to highlight the incredible amount of professionalism that you and your team have demonstrated in completing the project mentioned above.

Your ability to adapt to different situations, your pro-active attitude and your dedication to client satisfaction make you the best possible choice when it comes to complex large-scale projects.

It is thanks to your work that we succeeded in completing our project on time, without compromising the quality of the work.

And so I want to thank you for the efficiency you have shown. We hope to have the pleasure and opportunity of working with you again in the near future.

Gisèle Tremblay


Le Saint-Elzéar

I personally want to point out how much I loved working with the Synergy team. You are great people, dynamic, qualified and above all, very professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to do a 100-story project with them tomorrow morning.

A big thank you.


Dario Pellizzari – Associated Partner

Gestion Luciano Salvatore

Le Canal Project – Phase 2

I would like to express my gratitude to the fantastic team working on the Le Canal project. The pace of work progress as well as site management are impressive.

Cynthia Wahl

CJW Consultants

Assante Building

Allow me to share with you our great delight in the way your work for the Assante Building project was executed.

You have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt, the great ability to complete a project of such grand scale by bringing quality, professionalism and speed to the table, without ever sacrificing quality and safety.

Despite our skepticism regarding completing a project of this scale within the tight deadline requested by our client, it seems clear to us now that our reluctance to undertake this project didn’t take into account your expertise and the unparalleled speed at which the project was completed.

As a result, we’ve not only found ourselves respecting the timeline for delivery, we were actually ahead of the prescribed deadline and were able to ensure delivery to the tenant within the contractually agreed timelines. Your work has confirmed that we’ve made the right choice in choosing the Synergy Formwork team.

Thank you and congratulations to the entire team.


Gustavo Cabanillas – Chargé de projet

Canbec Construciton Inc.

Lumen Worksite

Working with the Synergy team at Lumen was a wonderful experience for us. We never had any problems and I hope to be able to repeat this collaborative effort with future projects.

Francis Lafleur & Roland Poirier – Propriétaires


RRPG inc.

I would like to thank the entire Synergy Formwork team for the excellent service I received.

We are very satisfied with the work of all those who were involved in the project. The result was impeccable and you are all a team of true professionals.



Daniel Fortier


Real Estate Projects

Synergy Formwork is a very dynamic and innovative company. We would like to emphasize that they were very involved in the development of our company by overseeing our real estate projects.

Its employees at the company have a varied and solid expertise in their specialized fields. I believe this to be a major asset.

If we were forced to choose just one word to describe Synergy Formwork, without hesitation that word would be “professionalism”. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Synergy Formwork a business partners to other companies.

Please accept the expression of our best wishes.

Carole Doudak


Lights in Laval

Dear Synergy Formwork,

We would like to express our satisfaction with your work on numerous projects such as Quintessence and Lights in Laval.

In recent years, we have noted the unique professionalism and dedication in the work carried out by your team. With all the challenges that a project of this size can bring, you were able to increase your efforts and complete this challenging task to great satisfaction and right on schedule.

Please be assured that we won’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking to undertake great quality projects.

Best regards.


Joël Charpentier


Le Quintessence

I would like to take a few minutes to express my appreciation for the work done by the Synergy team from the point of my arrival at the Ararat worksite right up to the clean up and tear down process.

Throughout the work on the structure, you have demonstrated a remarkable spirit and professional know-how. On several occasions I had to call your superintendent and his team for a variety of reasons. Each time, my requests were received in the same fashion that is to say with total and exemplary co-operation. I was impressed by the amount of respect shown to Quadrax and myself by everyone on the construction site. I have noted every day, a dedication from each member of your staff and a thorough desire to competently see their mandate to completion. I have rarely witnessed so much respect from the members of a team on any construction site or towards a person in a position of authority. The superintendent was able to, among its team members, a sense of direction, focus and respect for the work. Finally, I would like you to know how easy and enjoyable it was to work with your team and that should the occasion present itself, I would not hesitate to repeat the experience.

Bruno Cormier


The Joliette Pedopsychiatry Project

I would like to acknowledge the excellent execution on the work done by Éric Lapointe’s team this week at the Pedopsychiatry work site in Joliette.

The team worked quickly and accurately so that we could pour our structural concrete slab effectively.

It seemed almost impossible at first, but their work was essential for us to comply with our tight schedule.

So, once again thank you to this team! Not to mention the important contribution of Mr. Allan Caroll and Mr. Maxime Champagne. It’s been a very pleasant week.


Éric Paquette


Health and Safety

We would like to take the time to thank Synergy Formwork for the way they handled the Health and Safety file, in light of the accident suffered by one of their workers. Their seriousness and speed of execution were exemplary.

We also greatly appreciated Melanie’s presence onsite today to verify that all the work methods and protection measures were properly put in place for the safety of our workers. Synergy Formwork is an excellent model to follow in terms of health and safety, especially when dealing with other subcontractors.

François Pilon – ING.

Notre-Dame Recycling

We hereby wish to express our tremendous satisfaction with Synergy Formwork, particularly for the Recyclage Notre-Dame project.

They demonstrated their technical skills by erecting 25-foot-tall concrete walls with several embedded metalwork elements. They rose and met the challenge consisting of 1.5 million only for the formwork, despite a very tight deadline. They even managed to complete the work before the prescribed end date.

We would highly recommend this company because they have greatly contributed to the success of our project through their expertise and professionalism.

Hopefully this information will give you the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful company.

Please accept our sincere greetings.


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