$ 218,000 donated to the Tel-jeunes Foundation during Echo Day 2020

We are very proud of our business partnerships, which allow us to participate in large-scale projects throughout Quebec and Ontario. It also enables us to contribute to the charities of our partners. And this is exactly what we have just done for the second consecutive year with Devimco Immobilier by participating in their fundraising campaign for the Tel-Jeunes Foundation.

Devimco is undeniably the leader in Quebec when it comes to the creation and development of large scale, mixed-use building complexes. The total value of the projects realized by Devimco Immobilier in the province, for the past 15 years, is well over $600 million. And it was in 2019 that the president, Serge Goulet, decided to get involved in a children’s cause by becoming co-president of the fundraising campaign cabinet of the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

After donating $ 169,000 in 2019, the goal was to donate $ 200,000 this year. But that goal was set before we discovered COVID-19 and all of its consequences. Devimco Immobilier, however, pulled off a masterstroke by holding their fundraising golf tournament on September 10, while respecting very strict hygiene standards. And it was crowned with success, as they exceeded their target by donating $ 218,000 to the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

The Tel-jeunes Foundation brings together two front-line services: Tel-Jeunes and LigneParents. Both offer professional help and support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Quebec. Tel-jeunes services are offered by phone, text, email and ch@t while LigneParents is available by phone, chat and email. Since its creation, more than 1,800,000 young people and 500,000 parents have taken advantage of their services.

We are more than happy to participate in the fundraising campaign for Devimco Immobilier. This shows that our commitment goes much further than simply participating in their construction projects. Our contribution attests to our commitment to our partners to support them in their social involvement. With the ultimate goal of contributing to the influence and development of the communities in which they operate.

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