Synergy has a new look!

We are very proud to unveil our brand new offices in Lavaltrie. The growth of our company over the last few years called for more modern and spacious offices. Carefully designed with a sleek and innovative look, the new building fully embodies the image Synergy Formwork aims to project. 

A growing business 

With annual growth of 15% since 2017, we have undeniably carved out a larger presence in the concrete formwork industry. Our results have allowed us to increase our workforce from 572 employees in 2018 to 837 in 2019. Our partnerships are making this expansion possible. We have built these business relationships on a foundation of trust, authenticity and professionalism. 

To better serve our partners on their projects, we needed to expand our head office and open new offices in Quebec City and Ottawa. We also increased the capacity of our prefabrication factory which now operates for three shifts each day, allowing us to provide material to our work sites on a daily basis.

It was also important to us to maintain the sense of family with all our teams, and the new offices were designed to reflect these values. We make sure to never lose sight of the fact that our Synergy DNA is the best strategy for maximizing growth and continuing to make progress.

A company that sets itself apart 

Synergy believes that success also comes from qualified employees who trust in their employer. As they adapt with this rapid growth, each of our teams can now enjoy the comfort and design of the beautiful modern building when visiting head office.

This project, started in October 2018, was made possible by our partners. We’d like to thank Cindy CoDesign, St-Martin Desloges architecture and Les Constructions Tremblay et Laplante Inc.

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